Curls, Textures and Colours of Varjakka

Paying the tribute to the beautiful celebration of community-based art we were most lucky to have last week in Kalamaja Art Hub in the Varjakka bay, Oulu, Northern Finland, we are publishing the images of the exhibition we held there for two happy and inspiring weeks.

The abstract images of the textures, objects and nature sites of Varjakka were taken by Keho on Dacha’s visual artist John Collingswood, the project’s artistic leader Tanja Råman and Oulu based media artist Niko Auvinen.

Many of them come from two community art sites of Varjakka: Warjakka Puutarha / Warjakka Community Gardens and Warjakka Art Path.

The gardens are located in what used to be foundations of the houses which existed here a century ago. The garden became so much more than one, being also a stage, a place for gatherings for the local community, and a home for little art objects created in Varjakka.

The Art Path leads to the gardens from the Varjakka bay, offering several “stations” where visitors can make art and install it in the woods.

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