Mosquitos as an Inspiration

Today we are sharing a mosquito ritual our dear friend, a collaborator in “Keho on Dacha” and original creator of Warjakka Art Path Mirjami Mäkelä has developed, inviting to see mosquitos as triggers for art making. Pictured here by Lölä are some outside, inside and arty mosquitos that were taken as an inspiration, which broughtContinue reading “Mosquitos as an Inspiration”

Gardening 24/7

This week Varjakka is facing lovely times of the #WarjakkaArtLab and #WarjakkaArtResidence – the #CROWDdance international community art network. After long joyful days of work we enjoy more gardening and art in the evening. Pictured here are “Keho on Dacha” leader dance artist and choreographer Tanja Råman digging out some fresh potatoes from her garden,Continue reading “Gardening 24/7”

EXHIBITION in Arkhangelsk

A vegetable bed in the gallery. Audience were planting radishes and watering them during the exhibition. Our fist summer in the project ended up with the exhibition “Дача – это тело” in the Museum of Artistic Exploration of the Arctic and held by the Center for Social Innovations: CSI Arkhangelsk.It started on August,20th and dueContinue reading “EXHIBITION in Arkhangelsk”

Varjakka: Remembering the Forgotten

Keho on Dacha – the research project by contemporary artists in the North of Finland and Russia – is gladly introducing its team and the sites we explore. Please, welcome to Varjakka, a village in the suburbs of Oulu, Northern Finland, the one with a dramatic past and an inspiring present. Keho on Dacha initiatorsContinue reading “Varjakka: Remembering the Forgotten”