Brought By the Wind

Toni Rissanen, one of the visitors of the Kalamaja Art Hub – a community art space we were hosting in Varjakka this Summer – wrote this poem inspired by the sites and sounds of Warjakka. Pictured here is the poem in Finnish and English written in our guest book and also subtitling John Collingswood‘s videoContinue reading “Brought By the Wind”

Curls, Textures and Colours of Varjakka

Paying the tribute to the beautiful celebration of community-based art we were most lucky to have last week in Kalamaja Art Hub in the Varjakka bay, Oulu, Northern Finland, we are publishing the images of the exhibition we held there for two happy and inspiring weeks. The abstract images of the textures, objects and natureContinue reading “Curls, Textures and Colours of Varjakka”

Gardening 24/7

This week Varjakka is facing lovely times of the #WarjakkaArtLab and #WarjakkaArtResidence – the #CROWDdance international community art network. After long joyful days of work we enjoy more gardening and art in the evening. Pictured here are “Keho on Dacha” leader dance artist and choreographer Tanja Råman digging out some fresh potatoes from her garden,Continue reading “Gardening 24/7”