Initial choreographic seedlings

It is raining very heavily in Varjakka right now. It has been for the past few days. It is giving me a natural break from physical labour. Prior to the rain we had an amazing warm and sunny spell that melted the last bit of snow and uncovered all the existing gardening projects in progress.Continue reading “Initial choreographic seedlings”

Dacha, the Horizontal Vertical

“Keho on Dacha” concept was born while most of our team have been working on a project called “Moving Barents – Out of Urgency“, an international dance project responding to climate change and the crisis state of the world. Six dance artists from four countries – Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia – were exploring theContinue reading “Dacha, the Horizontal Vertical”

Could community-based arts create new ways to connect and heal?

We – a team of contemporary artists from the North of Finland and Russia – are welcoming you to follow our research project on the community-based art making and site-specific performance through dance, technology, text, film-making and media art. “Keho on Dacha” has been funded by the Finnish-based KONE foundation as a long-term project toContinue reading “Could community-based arts create new ways to connect and heal?”