EXHIBITION in Arkhangelsk

A vegetable bed in the gallery. Audience were planting radishes and watering them during the exhibition. Our fist summer in the project ended up with the exhibition “Дача – это тело” in the Museum of Artistic Exploration of the Arctic and held by the Center for Social Innovations: CSI Arkhangelsk.It started on August,20th and dueContinue reading “EXHIBITION in Arkhangelsk”

Елена Гуткина: “Я не могла представить, насколько испытание светом может быть непростым”

Проект “Дача — это тело” продолжает публиковать интервью с художниками, его воплощающими, в честь завершения своего первого лета. Оно прошло в Варьякке в окрестностях Оулу на севере Финляндии и Калинушке в окрестностях Архангельска на севере России. Эти два пространства исследовали и соединяли с помощью современного искусства, технологий и традиционного садоводства художники Сусанна Воюшина, Дмитрий Мельников, Елена Гуткина, Таня Роман, ДжонContinue reading “Елена Гуткина: “Я не могла представить, насколько испытание светом может быть непростым””

“Keho On Dacha” Zine

From 3 to 30 July, an exhibition of artistic samizdat (self-publications) is open in the gallery of the Center for Social Innovations in Arkhangelsk. It presents a collection of zines from various creative projects and artists based in Arkhangelsk. This event was an excellent occasion for the creation of the first issue of our zineContinue reading ““Keho On Dacha” Zine”

This is Dima

“Keho on Dacha” is a research art project by artists in the North of Finland and Russia exploring site-specific performance and community-based art-making. We are gladly continuing to feature our team members. (Please, scroll down for the Russian version) This is Dmitry (Dima) Melnikov, a dance artist and choreographer based in Arkhangelsk, Russia. Dima hasContinue reading “This is Dima”